Tummy Time!

Tummy Time is important for your baby.

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Tummy Time!

Here are some suggestions from DINOSAUR PHYSICAL THERAPY for toys to help with tummy time exercise.



Torticollis is a treatable condition found in babies. Physical Therapy 4 Kids in White Plains, NY, successfully treats many babies with torticollis.

WebMD: Torticollis is a problem involving the muscles of the neck that causes the head to tilt down. The term comes from two Latin words: tortus, which means twisted, and collum, which means neck. Sometimes it’s called “wryneck.”

WebMD says, “Give her plenty of time on your tummy. Holding your baby this way will strengthen back and neck muscles and keep the back of her head from flattening. Ideally, she should have 15 minutes of tummy time 4 times a day. You can support her on your chest, across your lap, or on a pillow if that makes it easier.
Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, C/NDT of physicaltherapy4kids.com stresses the importance of Tummy Time for your infant. If you have any concerns about your child, contact Wendy to find out how she can help.


Physical Therapy 4 Kids
White Plains, New York
Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, C/NDT


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NYC Ballet Programs for Children

NYC Ballet Opens its Heart to Children with Physical Challenges

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This is a heartwarming story about the NYC Ballet and children with physical challenges.

Watch this short video about this story.

Sometimes all you have to do is just ask.  One mom, all she did was ask and then 19 children with disabilities got to dance at Lincoln Center with the  NYC Ballet! It turned out to be a wonderful experience for the teachers and the students!


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A Mom’s Review

A Mom’s Review


When you have a passion for what you do, it’s always a wonderful feeling to know you made a difference in the life of a child. Please read what a parent recently wrote about us:

“My son had some flattening on his head as he preferred to lay on one side. We went to a consultation with Wendy in which she diagnosed him with torticollis. We were alarmed. But she immediately put us at ease. She has a nurturing personality and that immediately came through. She first assured us that it was not anyone’s fault and that he can and will overcome torticollis. We left the consult with a wealth of knowledge on the condition, and armed with exercise tools and technique to use at home. Most of all, we had a sense of comfort that our baby would be in capable, highly skilled and experienced hands. I was impressed at all the information she gave us right away and all the tips and tricks she told us to implement right away. No need to wait around for other sessions to get started. She wanted our baby to get better right away. No gimmicks.

A few days later I called Wendy’s office to ask her opinion on a torticollis pillow I’d found online. She answered, jumped on the internet as I’m on the phone with her, read about the pillow and gave me her feedback. I was impressed she took the time to do that without me having to call back or go through a member of her staff first.

Wendy referred us to cranial technologies to address the flatness on his head. We are glad she referred us to such a skilled team. They were friendly, informative and guided us every step of the way through his helmet wearing days.

We saw Wendy for most of our son’s first year and he has flown through his milestones and has full range of motion of his neck and is completely healed of torticollis. It was such a pleasure to watch Wendy do her work which she did with joy and enthusiasm at every single session. She is one of the kindest, most loving person I know. I’m so glad I met her and just want to encourage anyone that needs a pediatric physical therapist to go see Wendy. We knew our baby was getting the highest quality of care in her hands and are confident that we made the best choice in seeing Wendy.”
NR, White Plains, NY


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Fun Activities for your Children

12 Animals Walks To Help Calm Kids And Get Them Moving

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Active kids are happy kids!

Article Credit: Dyan Robson
Here’s a really fun way to get your kids moving!
This is good for any age too.

Physical activity is great for everyone. It can help calm your kids while encouraging them to be creative. Getting endorphins going has a calming effect for anxious children.

These activities calm “deep pressure to their joints and limbs, help strengthen their sense of balance, and develop body awareness.”

Animal walks also help develop a child’s core strength and muscles.”

The best part about these activities is that you don’t need any supplies or equipment. This can be fun for the whole family.

Some of the walks include: Frog Hop, Seal Slide, Penguin Waddle, Snake Slither, Bear Walk, Crab Walk and more.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we can help your children with physical movement. Contact us to find out how we can help your child.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids
White Plains, NY


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Early Intervention for Torticollis

Treatment for children with Torticollis.

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PhysicalTherapy4kids.com for Torticollis.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Children with Torticollis

Early intervention is very important when treating children with Torticollis.


Early treatment should include the following:

  • Massage
  • Passive and Active Range of Motion
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Positioning and Handling Guidelines
  • Visual Exercises
  • Righting Reactions/Postural Education
  • Environmental Adaptations

Strengthening and teaching the muscles the important positions for healthy development is the goal. With a combination of Physical Therapy and parental help at home, your child can overcome Torticollis.

This article has many helpful tips and lots of information for your baby’s physical health.

For those of you in the White Plains, NY area, Physical Therapy 4 Kids can help you and your baby with these needs. Contact us for more information.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids
White Plains, New York
Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, C/NDT



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What is Scoliosis?

Important information parents should know about Scoliosis.

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Scoliosis is curvature of the spine.

Scoliosis is curvature of the spine. While symptoms can vary in each child, your pediatrician knows what to look for when your child is screened.

Although the cause is unknown, it’s more common to develop in girls and usually begins around puberty.

Treatment varies depending on the degree of curvature. In some cases, no treatment is needed and in other cases braces, physical therapy or surgery can correct this condition.

In this article, Dr. John Lubicky, a children’s pediatric orthopaedic surgeon from WVU Medicine, explains what parents need to know about scoliosis regarding this spinal condition, treatment and diagnosis.

If you suspect that your child has scoliosis, see your pediatrician right away. For those of you in the White Plains, NY area, call Physical Therapy 4 Kids.  Physicaltherapy4kids.com can definitely help your child with this spinal condition.

For more information call Wendy Lager or stop by Physicaltherapy4kids.com to find out how she can help.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids *   White Plains, NY    *


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Torticollis & Breastfeeding Issues

Could Torticollis be the cause of some breastfeeding issues?
What is the possible connection between breastfeeding issues and Torticollis?

If your baby bites while breastfeeding, ask your pediatrician about the possibility of Torticollis.

Torticollis sometimes makes it physically difficult for a baby to nurse. If this is the case, call us. We can help. This is what we do.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids
White Plains, New York


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