What is Scoliosis?

Important information parents should know about Scoliosis.

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Scoliosis is curvature of the spine.

Scoliosis is curvature of the spine. While symptoms can vary in each child, your pediatrician knows what to look for when your child is screened.

Although the cause is unknown, it’s more common to develop in girls and usually begins around puberty.

Treatment varies depending on the degree of curvature. In some cases, no treatment is needed and in other cases braces, physical therapy or surgery can correct this condition.

In this article, Dr. John Lubicky, a children’s pediatric orthopaedic surgeon from WVU Medicine, explains what parents need to know about scoliosis regarding this spinal condition, treatment and diagnosis.

If you suspect that your child has scoliosis, see your pediatrician right away. For those of you in the White Plains, NY area, call Physical Therapy 4 Kids.  Physicaltherapy4kids.com can definitely help your child with this spinal condition.

For more information call Wendy Lager or stop by Physicaltherapy4kids.com to find out how she can help.

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Torticollis & Breastfeeding Issues

Could Torticollis be the cause of some breastfeeding issues?
What is the possible connection between breastfeeding issues and Torticollis?

If your baby bites while breastfeeding, ask your pediatrician about the possibility of Torticollis.

Torticollis sometimes makes it physically difficult for a baby to nurse. If this is the case, call us. We can help. This is what we do.

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One Mom’s Story

Sometimes it feels like one child gets it all.


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This mom of 2 sets of twins tells her son’s story of torticollis. The diagnosis of torticollis lead to finding out that her son is autistic.


“My son was born with severe torticollis and even had to wear a helmet. Fortunately, with physical therapy and chiropractic care, he improved. He hit all his milestones: smiling, clapping, waving, crawling, walking, and even some speech. By comparison to his twin I thought “Well Dominick is not behind, Jonathan is just a little advanced. Besides, he had to go through all that therapy and wear a helmet!” I never put that much thought into it until I noticed he wouldn’t make eye contact, respond to his name, and sometimes he would bang his head on the floor. He suffered from frequent ear infections, so my first overly protective, motherly assumption was, “Oh my God, he’s deaf!” I immediately scheduled an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat doctor.”

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The Importance of Recess

Recess & Kids – A Drug Free Path to Better Behavior


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Recess & Kids – A Drug Free Path to Better Behavior

Some school policies allow for a teacher to withhold recess as a punishment for some behaviors such as being late, acting out in the classroom incomplete homework.

I’m willing to bet that if those children had more recess rather than the punishment of no recess that these “bad” behaviors would diminish.  Don’t you as an adult feel better when you get break time or exercise?  I know I do.

We, as parents, strive for our children to be more well rounded socially emotionally and intellectually.  Recess is a big part of that equation.

Benefits of Recess:

Increased focus
Sunlight gives us vitamin D, improving wellness
Unstructured play can lead to stress reduction
Recess leads to development of social skills
Burning calories – fighting obesity
Physical activity provides brain food

So, teachers & administrators, let’s give them more recess. I’m willing to bet that these “bad” behaviors will lessen. Recess is the drug free remedy. It’s worth a shot.

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Inclusive Education

How a photographer in China fosters creativity in school children.

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Inclusive Education

This is an article from China about a freelance photographer, Liu Yuyang, who was awarded the Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellowship in 2014.

Liu set up a photography class for disabled children and able bodied children. He paired up each able bodied child with a physically challenged child.

They call this Inclusive Education.

Confidence was gained by all of the children.

Being that we have a big problem with bullying in the USA, I’m thinking that this kind of program could maybe teach our children to have empathy and compassion for their fellow students who are a little different. Learning about other people, their cultures, their struggles and everything that makes us humans different and unique would definitely cut down on bullying.

It’s really getting our children to socialize outside of their comfort zone under the guise of a class.

The subject of the class could be anything. Painting, basketball, jump rope, chess. Anything the kids would be interested in learning about and participating in.

Understanding those who are different than us could start with our children.

Even though this is taking place in China, I think we could learn a lot from these children and their accomplishments.

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Opioid Exposure in Utero can Result in Torticollis

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Opioid Exposure in Utero can Result in Torticollis


A Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center study shows that Opioid-exposed babies may get head tilt from a neck condition.


Infants exposed to opioids during pregnancy have been found to develop torticollis, an abnormal neck condition. Sometimes it’s accompanied with plagiocephaly, flattening of the head.


Children born under these conditions are said to have neonatal abstinence syndrome which is due to opioid exposure in utero.


Physical Therapy has been successful for these babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.


Luckily babies born with this condition in the White Plains area have Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, C/NDT of Physical Therapy 4 Kids to treat them. Ms. Kaplan-Lager is very familiar with torticollis and plagiocephaly. She is an expert when it comes to physical therapy for children.


Contact Ms. Kaplan-Lager with any concerns you may have about your infant.


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Children need a Healthy Breakfast

6 TIPS to a Healthy Breakfast

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6 TIPS to a Healthy Breakfast

It’s true what you’ve heard about breakfast being an important meal. It gives you the fuel you need to start your day.

It’s the same for your children and sometimes your children need a little help with it.

This article has 6 tips to help your children eat a healthy breakfast.

One of the most important tips is to lead by example. Your children learn from your example. They see you eating breakfast and they will do it too. They may need a little help from you so check out the tips in this article.


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